Frameworks is a series of structures or systems designed for live mind reading, Q&A and audience reading acts.

For the first time ever, award winning mentalist Looch teaches you his innovative way to design & create a unique and baffling mind reading act that will leave your audiences delighted & dumbfounded in equal measure.

"Wow, this is your best release to date Looch!" - Luca Volpe

Answering questions, revealing interesting facts or even embarrassing memories from your audiences has never been simpler with this comprehensive and fully customisable professional product. Imagine being able to walk into any venue safe in the knowledge that you can perform a sure fire act every time without having to worry about things like pre-show, stealing billets or having access to your audience beforehand.

"It's been a privilege to see this grow & transform into a fully structured and yet flexible system that will enable anyone to perform live mind reading, wether thats Q&A or something unique in any environment and under almost any conditions. To the working professional this is gold due of a release." - Marc Paul

There are no difficult moves and Looch stays true to his SAD (Simple & Direct) approach to mentalism throughout. Frameworks really is an innovative approach to fusing classic and psychological methods to create something truly mind blowing for your audiences.

"Q&A is the holy grail of live mentalism performance. With this unique and innovative system, you can now use frameworks to add moments of impossibility to enhance your own show. Or you can use Frameworks to design and create a brand new bespoke performance that will feel like genuine mind reading. This is the most versatile product I have ever released. To quote everyone from the past...THIS is the Real work!"- Looch

Limited to 200 sets worldwide


For the first time ever, Looch is releasing one of his professional stand up routines, complete with bespoke props & a LIVE performance.
The Line Up is a 15 minute stage / parlour routine which is packed full of audience participation, laughter and moments of astonishment. It has been Looch's longest standing stand up routine and is guaranteed to amaze & delight your audiences in equal measure.

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