For the first time ever, Looch is releasing one of his professional stand up routines, complete with bespoke props & a LIVE performance.
The Line Up is a 15 minute stage / parlour routine which is packed full of audience participation, laughter and moments of astonishment. It has been Looch's longest standing stand up routine and is guaranteed to amaze & delight your audiences in equal measure.

Places’ is a custom-designed utility product which is brand new to the market.
From the creative mind of award-winning mind reader and mentalist, Looch, these postcards will enable you to perform demonstrations that are guaranteed to blow minds and confound audiences across the globe.
Comprising a special set of postcards from various well-known destinations around the world, these postcards introduce a brand new marking system to the community. Designed to be as clear as possible to the performer, they are psychologically invisible to your audience.
In addition to this incredible and original marked set, you will also receive a custom set of forcing postcards that allow you to perform a 3-phase routine that Looch has been using for years to audiences across the UK.
The postcards can be configured in a variety of ways unique to each performer. This is a cutting edge utility tool for the modern working mentalist with no expense spared. You will love them!

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