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Negotiating Gigs eBook by Looch

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Looch spills the beans on his own personal techniques for negotiating the conditions and (importantly) his prices for his professional gigs. Containing vital information that is tried and tested over years of commercial experience, this eBook is perfect for developing a solid approach in your own dealings with clients.

Customer Reviews

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Sid G
Really insightful!

This eBook is really insightful and helpful in understanding how to approach a negotiation and what to do in specific situations. I have no doubt that if I used this principles I would get more work and higher fees. 10/10

Scott X
Genius Tips

Looch shared some genius level tips in this book, I am shocked the price is so low. If you work events then you need this eBook plain and simple.

Thumbs up 👍🏼

This was a freebie on the old site for signing up to their email marketing list. It is a really good ebook that focuses on negotiation tactics for mentalists and magicians. If I had paid the £15 asking price I would still be happy..

Duncan P
Unexpected Gold

I didn't really expect much from a £15 eBook but this has been a revelation. I will be using the techniques Looch shares to get much higher fees. I recommend this product to anyone who performs for a living.

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