NOW SHIPPING The Three Envelope Test is a cherished classic in the world of Mentalism, made famous by Annemann. His 4th Dimensional Telepathy became a contemporary staple in our industry. While...

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The Three Envelope Test is a cherished classic in the world of Mentalism, made famous by Annemann. His 4th Dimensional Telepathy became a contemporary staple in our industry. While this effect is esteemed by many, the extensive preparation required for many 4DT effects have deterred countless performers.

Introducing our permanent solution to this timeless plot: Propalopes.

Our custom-designed and hand made solution features reusable 6x4" plastic pockets that take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Crafted specifically for top professional mentalists, these durable & reusable tools have been precision-cut and meticulously handcrafted for optimal handling.

With our exclusive Propalopes system, you are able to perform a devastatingly clean and powerful version of the classic Three Envelope Test, and Looch has included a LIVE performance of his 'School Dayz' presentation for you to learn the structure of this classic piece of mentalism. 

The beauty of the Propalopes system is that you are 100% free to customise and create whatever type of presentation you wish. The structure and method remains constant, and you can rely on the high quality craftsmanship of our bespoke Die-Cut Polypropylene Pockets. The Propalopes are secured with Velcro discs and are a worlds first to the magic & mentalism community.

What the Professionals are saying about Looch's Propalopes system

"It takes a top pro to solve a top pro problem and Looch has done it again! High quality, reusable and durable envelopes for 4DT is a genius solution to the problem of making up numerous envelopes for multiple shows. This is a real world workers solution that is both practical and elegant. Propalopes will be my go to envelopes from now on." Marc Paul

“Saves me time and effort making and re-making up a set of envelopes for every single show as these are always ready to go in my case. This retains the strength of 4DT, with a more efficient means to the same method and is a valuable tool for a working performer.” Nique Tan

"I have been waiting for these Propalopes for years! This is a MUST HAVE tool that every magician & mentalist should have!" Luca Volpe

Whats inside the Box?

  • 4 x Polypropylene Pockets designed to do ALL the hard work for you. (6x4" size)
  • 1 x Acetate Screen to help facilitate part of the method
  • Practice Cards (6x4" size)
  • 90 min online instructional video link
  • Live Performance from Looch using the Propalopes system
  • Design files to print your own cards
  • 4 x White Vinyl Circle Stickers (Optional)
  • Access to a dedicated Facebook owners group

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More about the Three Envelope Test (4DT)

The 3 envelope test is a classic of mentalism. 3 participants each think of a specific piece of information (100% customisable) and write their thoughts onto cards. Each participant seals their thought card inside an envelope and checks that it is opaque and nothing can be seen through.

The performer either hands the 3 sealed envelopes to a trusted delegate of the audience to look after OR displays them in a prominent position for all to see. One by one the mentalist reveals each participants thought with 100% accuracy. There are no forces and everything looks as clean as can be.

This is one of the cleanest and strongest routines a mentalist can perform. You will not be disappointed!


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