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Frameworks will allow you to perform a devastatingly clean and engaging Q&A act in your show, or it will allow you to design a show based around a Q&A act.

Frameworks is a series of structures or systems designed for live mind reading, Q&A and audience reading acts. For the first time ever, award winning mentalist Looch teaches you his innovative way to design & create a unique and baffling mind reading act that will leave your audiences delighted & dumbfounded in equal measure.

 "Wow, this is your best release to date Looch!" - Luca Volpe

Answering questions, revealing interesting facts or even embarrassing memories from your audiences has never been simpler with this comprehensive and fully customisable structured Q&A system.  Imagine being able to walk into any venue safe in the knowledge that you can perform a sure fire act every time without having to worry about things like pre-show, stealing billets or having access to your audience beforehand. 

"It's been a privilege to see this grow & transform into a fully structured and yet flexible system that will enable anyone to perform live mind reading, wether thats Q&A or something unique in any environment and under almost any conditions. To the working professional this is gold due of a release." - Marc Paul

There are no difficult moves and Looch stays true to his SAD (Simple & Direct) approach to mentalism throughout. The release is split into 3 distinct parts; The Basic Framework (which originally was my Emergency Q&A system), The Extended Framework, where you learn how to build a larger more cohesive show and finally Custom Frameworks, where you can begin to explore and develop your own structured systems.

Frameworks really is an innovative approach to fusing classic and psychological methods to create something truly mind blowing for your audiences.

"Q&A is the holy grail of live mentalism performance. With this unique and innovative structured Q&A system, you can now use frameworks to add moments of impossibility to enhance your own show. Or you can use Frameworks to design and create a brand new bespoke performance that will feel like genuine mind reading. This is the most versatile product I have ever released. To quote everyone from the past...THIS is the Real work!"- Looch

What you will receive:

  • Bespoke Frameworks box to keep everything safe
  • Instructional manual that explains in detail the basic framework and extended versions
  • 200 Primary cards & 100 Secondary cards for use in rehearsal and performance
  • Access to a password protected digital arena currently contains over 3hrs of video material including live performance footage and analysis. 
  • Additional digital tips on creating your own custom frameworks.
  • Frameworks performance box / tray to collect cards and assist you during the performance
  • Access to refill cards or utilise the provided artwork to customise your own.
  • Dedicated Facebook owners group to ask questions and share your own tips
  • Future digital content as the product further develops with input from other working pro's

Limited to 250 sets worldwide


Watch the replay of our Live launch below

Many of you have been asking questions about Frameworks, please ensure you watch the replay of our launch below. Its a 60 min programme with Looch, Marc Paul, Luca Volpe & Meraux Dantes all discussing frameworks and giving their thoughts on this exciting new release.


Watch S.T Magic Reviews in-depth review of Frameworks

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Charles S
Frameworks built my latest show 🤩

I purchased Frameworks in July and have been hard at work learning everything. I have recently performed my first full parlor show and Frameworks helped build it. My whole show is ‘framed’ around this and I am able to transition in and out of the information at will and morph into my other routines.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro - do not hesitate!

I have recently began my mentalism journey and was unsure if this product would be for me. Well, after purchasing and going through the manual, resources and videos, I can safely say this is an excellent product for anyone who wants to 'read minds'. Although I'm not at a point in my craft where I will be performing Q&A, I can now relax knowing that when I get there I will be able to utilise the best Q&A system going. This has made it far less intimidating! I am studying the works of Bob Cassidy and this compliments them beautifully as it offers real world practical advice and mechanics that I can utilise in my walk around set right now. The content in the box and manual is worth the price alone so all the extra online content is excellent added value. Especially the work on envelopes! Do not hesitate to get this!

Dane Smith

Received Frameworks and now I’ve read the manual and I am making my way through the videos.
All I can say is…Amazing!
Marc Paul was absolutely spot on when he said Frameworks sets the new standard for Q&A Mentalism.
Thank you Looch! This truly is an epic piece of work which I know I will build upon for some time to come and I’m sure other Mentalists will as well.

Jon H
Frameworks WORKS 🤩

Easy to learn and freestyle with. Frameworks feels like I’m
Jazzing but the structures always result in an abundance of information to peek at your leisure. Frameworks works!

Frank S
This is fantastic

My order arrived a little over a week ago, perfectly packaged and undamaged. I spent a few days reading the instructions and then as instructed moved onto the videos and online content. This isn't just a Q&A system, it is MUCH more than that, and to say it isn't would be doing it a huge disservice. Frameworks is a revolutionary approach to reading my audiences minds. Revolutionary by returning back to the source. keeping it simple and direct just like Looch is known for. I can now approach any show with confidence that with just a few simple moves I will have access to indefinite material that I can use at a moments use. This is fantastic, thank you!

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