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Master Peek Envelope

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The Only Peek Envelope you'll ever need!

Read My Mind Ltd are proud to present our 'Master Peek' envelopes! A custom made utility prop that allows you an easy, yet ultra deceptive peek of anything written onto the back of a business card.

"Looch has taken his Blink idea and brilliantly applied it to small pay envelopes. This highly recommended, versatile new gimmick is one that I’m sure you’ll use in your close-up performances and definitely one of the best mentalism products of the year." Jheff

The Master Peek envelopes are not simply existing envelopes that have been modified. These envelopes have been designed & engineered from the ground up to be the absolute best in the business. The Master Peeks were designed and made for one thing....Peeking!

Each Master Peek envelope is expertly manufactured from the highest grade Kraft Stock material to match existing envelopes already on the market. The increased thickness of the envelopes adds to their durability, creating another high quality professional mentalism product that you have come to expect from Read My Mind Ltd.

"With an organic, open handling and a strong deceptive method, Master Peek is the ultimate peek envelope for Mentalists." Phill Smith

The Master Peek envelopes are reusable, and with care will last for years. At the time of writing this, Looch has been using the same set for nearly 18 months and its still going strong!

Each pack contains 1 gimmicked 'Master Peek' envelope and 1 un-gimmicked envelope. The envelopes are supplied blank ready for your customisation. Full instructions are provided via a password protected online video.

The measurements are approx: 110mm x 64mm which is the equivalent size of a No. 3 coin envelope.

"I love Looch's products and have purchased several, including the Black Project books. This Master Peek envelope is a stunner! The envelope is gimmicked and clearly theres a hell of a lot of engineering that has gone into the production, hence the price point. It is however an absolute joy to use. Simple and effective and completely under your control at all times. This is the perfect peek envelope and I will be using this full time in my act."  Eric P


Customer Reviews

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Meraux Dantes
Extraordinary quality, functionality and design.

Looch took his time when designing this one.

This peek tool comes straight from a working professional’s design book. These are the exact specifications needed for any mentalism routine where the goal is to learn secret information from in a sealed envelope, in the smoothest, most natural way possible.

These are completely customizable and Looch teaches you how to maintain them to get the most out of them from each performance.

It’s the perfect peek device for close-up, Parlour, T.V. and stage.

Oh, and I did I mention there’s no batteries:)

Get you some, but leave a few for me please. Thank you.

So good 😊

I love these! I bought three sets for a multiple phase routine that I will be presenting in my act. They work perfectly, the peek is a thing of beauty and very deceptive.

Kristophe S
The best

Loochs envelopes are the best on the market. Never fail and gives the best peek.


Peek envelopes are ten a penny and I have been left bitterly disappointed in the past. False promises of simplicity and angle sensitivity has left me feeling frustrated, enter the master peek envelope. These are simply the rolls royce of envelope. Easy to use and a clear unobstructed peek, I bought 3 for 2 on sale and will do so again.

Gregg T
Really Clean Surrounded Peek

These are clever, an interesting approach to a peek envelope that is clean. I appreciate the thought that has been applied into the design of them which will allow me to apply the peek at any given moment.

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