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Update: Mind Summit 2017 &

Update: Mind Summit 2017 & 'Close Call'

"Close Call' By Looch

In September 2017 Looch was flown out to Cologne, Germany to give a very special lecture at Mind Summit.

The lecture, entitled ‘Close Call’ has been described as the blueprint for successfully entertaining at close up events around the world. In it Looch outlines the top 3 logistical problems that can destroy a performance, and teaches how to tackle those problems to ensure a smooth an effective close up show. ‘Close Call’ consists of the physical lecture that was filmed live at Mind Summit 2017, along with a detailed eBook of lecture notes that breaks down each problem and arms the reader with a wide range of tips and techniques to utilise at your own gigs to ensure a smooth and successful performance.

In addition, Looch teaches a range of subtleties that he uses at each of his close up bookings. The goal is to maximise the impact your performances will have on your audience, and to ensure a smooth and trouble free event for all concerned.

‘Close Call’ by Looch consists of the following:

Online lecture (Filmed live at Mind Summit 2017)

Detailed eBook - ebook contains link and password to video

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