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Photo of the peek case

The Un-named Peek Case

Coming later in 2018 is the as of yet 'Un-named' peek case from Looch. For the past year we have been designing and testing a range of prototypes manufactured for us by the incredibly talented Alan Wong over in Hong kong. The peek case has been designed to provide an instant access, real time peek of a business card that has been inserted into it. It will also offer a unique feature of being able to be shown openly on both sides, suggesting nothing is untoward. At any point the performer wishes, he can instantly access the peek feature for a full view of what has been secretly written by a participant. A post on our Facebook page a few weeks ago requested people to suggest names for the peek case. Over 300 suggestions were given and at present we are creating a shortlist of possible names. Whoever's name is selected will have their suggestion accepted for the peek case name. The chosen person will receive a FREE peek case as a thank you for naming it!
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