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Image of manufacture of the article

The Article - UPDATE

As many of you who have been following progress on our Facebook page, work has been abundant on the development of the forthcoming 'The Article'. The Article is Looch's approach to the traditional headline prediction effect. A sealed padded envelope is handed over to a representative ahead of time and left with them. AT the time of the performance, the envelope is brought forward and cut open by the participant. The prediction can be clearly seen inside the envelope and is openly removed and displayed to all in attendance. The contents are removed and revealed to match 100% whatever it is you have been challenge to predict. During the development we have discovered something completely new and incredible. With the latest development to 'The Article', the participant is now able to remove the prediction from inside the envelope themselves! This latest innovation opens up a whole new world of flexibility and enhances the 'impossible' factor to the nth degree. Looch is working with a team of local companies to produce a high quality custom made gimmick that will enable you to predict quite literally ANYTHING you want to. Sign up to our mailing list now to be the first to know when 'The Article' becomes available to order. Coming Soon...
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