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Whilst the majority of people know Looch for his creativity with Magic & Mentalism, his close friends know that he graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in Product Design. Looch has always been one to sketch ideas out on the back of cereal boxes and napkins and the vast majority of his products and ideas over the years began life as sketches. When he decided to launch 'Read My Mind Limited' he knew that the products and releases would be designed from the ground up using his knowledge and creative flair. Looch is currently developing and designing a handful of new and exciting projects due for release within the next year. One such item is a redevelopment of his infamous headline prediction entitled 'The Article'. Originally a hand made prop used to fool the police, Looch is presently having a range of prototypes machined by a local company. Once these prototypes have been tested and refined, a new and very exciting product will be emerging from the Skunkworks at Read My Mind Ltd. Don't miss out on this exciting new product, make sure you sign up to our newsletter and be the first to learn more about 'The Article'.
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