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L.P.I (Looch Pocket Index) - Stainless Steel Version

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The ONLY Billet Index you will ever need!

Back in 2007, Looch set the Mentalism world on fire by introducing the L.P.I (Looch Pocket Index). This instantly sold out and was considered by the pro’s as one of the best billet indexes ever made.

Over the years one of the most frequent requests from other mentalists, was for the L.P.I to be released again. A new generation of mentalists were desperate for this professional utility device to be made available, so they could learn more about it.

Well, I am delighted to be able to announce that after years of research & development, this incredible product is finally back and better than ever!

Each L.P.I has been expertly manufactured in Stainless Steel and will last a lifetime of performance use. Load up your L.P.I with billets, folded business cards, or even currency and it will always be ready to assist you in producing mind blowing mental miracles for your audiences!

Each Stainless Steel L.P.I comes with its own custom printed velvet bag & access to an eBook with detailed instructions. You will also be granted access to the Facebook owners group to share ideas and routines with each other. (Facebook account required)

*Please note, the L.P.I is designed as a billet index, with the primary focus being to simply and efficiently organise a range of ‘outs’ and give you instant access to them during performance. You can use your business cards folded into quarters but this isn't designed to index a full deck of playing cards.  

What the pros say:

“The best mentalism uses ‘invisible’ props which are seen but go unnoticed, or, in the case of a good billet index, completely unseen. Looch has designed and carefully built an exceptional index and it can certainly be used to produce devastating effects.”

Ken Weber (Author of Maximum Entertainment)

"I have long searched for a perfect billet index; finally the search is over, thank you."

Lior Manor

“The LPI is well conceived, carefully executed, delightfully compact, flawlessly functional, and soon-to-be scarce. I've never used a better billet index.”

Doug Dyment (Author of Mindsights)

"A well made tool, and more importantly readymade, with a plethora of possibilities."

Marc Salem

“I recently used LPI at a convention; I like it because it is simple and can't go wrong, it worked perfectly.”

Richard Osterlind

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Absolutely solid! A beautiful, strong, smooth and solid piece of wonder.
The service was fast and reliable.

Phill R
Solid and reliable

I dont know if I can add any more with all these reviews but I wanted to express my sincere thanks to Looch for creating these products. My L-P-I has been my trusty reliable work horse for the past year. It never lets me down and makes organising my multiples really easy. Thank you.

Wow 🤩

From seeing the pictures I knew what to expect before it arrived but I was surprised to see just how well this thing is made. It literally is solid stainless steel and will never break. My business cards are 400gsm with a triple laminate which makes them thick, I fit 6 mercury folded cards in 2 rows of 3 for a multiple out drawing routine.

Lukas P
Very strong and good index

This index is very strong and holds my cards well. I am happy with the purchase thank you.

Glen C
Whoah! 👌🏼

I bought 2 x LPI last week and my mind has been whirling with ideas ever since. They realistically hold 8 folded business cards each and are so easy to palm out as you reach into your pockets. Fantastic product! 10/10

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