Update: Mind Summit 2017 & ‘Close Call’

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Photo of Looch lecturing September was a memorable and busy month for Read My Mind Ltd. It started off with the final remnants of ‘The Article’ been sold out in record time (10 days), and continued on over in Cologne, Germany for the 2017 Mind Summit. If you ever have a chance to attend a Mind Summit, then please do as it comes very highly recommended. Thomas & Rainer from Paralabs do an absolutely incredible job organising the event.

I was asked to give a lecture on Close Up Mentalism, which is an area that I have had a lot of experience in over the past decade or so. The lecture focussed on the fundamentals of working in a close up environment and what to do to excel in this particular arena. I shared stories of success and failure to try and highlight the huge potentials that exist in such a diverse performance space. The lecture was filmed and recorded live in front of a theatre space full of mentalists, including the one and only Max Maven. Excerpts of the lecture will be edited together and form 1 part of an interactive eBook that will be coming out through Read My Mind Ltd very soon.

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