Introducing the ‘LoochCast’ – Literally a Mentalism VLOG

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Image of Loochcast logoOver the coming weeks, I will begin filming a regular VLOG creatively called the ‘LoochCast’.

Each episode will be a short, sharp interactive video that will cover news and updates from Read My Mind Ltd, in addition to the discussion on mentalism and the performance of it. The idea is for customers and followers of Read My Mind Ltd can build and create their own content by posting topics, questions and ideas in the days prior, that will be discussed during each episode.

People are already suggesting topics and asking their questions over on the Facebook page.

Get involved today and be a part of your very own VLOG, The LoochCast !!

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  1. You can also post questions here guys!

  2. Jerry Dunn

    Hi Looch — Maybe talk about the timing and choreography for the peek using Hollow? I imagine many of us have worked out handlings, but it would be great to see what you’ve come up with since Retina.

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