Future Proof ‘Trade In’ Offer – AREA Nano

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Future Proof ‘Trade In’ offer…

For the vast majority of you who use my products, there’s always that little voice in the back of your mind thinking

“What happens when I wear this out?”

Image of AREA Nano Book TestYou have invested your hard earned money into an expensive mentalism product and I want to reassure you then ‘when’ you wear out your copy of AREA Nano, I will be there to supply you with a brand new shiny one.

For every original purchaser (bought new from me via www.readmymind.co.uk) I will offer you my Future Proof ‘Trade In Offer. Once your copy of AREA Nano becomes tatty, worn out and past its best, simply contact me and let me know. You’ll be invited to post it back to me, and upon receipt, I will send out a brand new copy for you at a MASSIVELY reduced rate. (Price TBD in the near future)

This is just one element of customer service I want to introduce for customers of Read My Mind Ltd in 2017. It will be a very busy year as I am currently in talks with several manufacturers about bringing to market a couple of very desirable products. I will email you guys with more news very soon.

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  1. Tony Hawkins

    Terrific offer Looch!

    I didn’t predict this when I bought ‘The Article’ ?

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