The Score: Bank Nite reinvented by Looch

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“The best method for Bank Nite ever!”

For years, Looch has developed an approach to the classic Bank Nite plot that enables the performer to have an unbelievable amount of freedom and flexibility. The handling feels almost self-working and will fast become one of your favourite methods ever.

Professionals around the world have adopted Loochs method and are using it in their current stage shows right now! After years of false starts, it began to look like ‘The Score’ would never be released as a commercial item, but Read My Mind Ltd are delighted to announce the limited edition release of this incredible effect.

“Whenever Mentalism is made simple, visual, and to the point, it becomes both enjoyable and marketable. As a former manufacturer and back-of-the-room dealer, I know how difficult it is to develop a product with these qualities. Looch obviously has invested substantial ’skull sweat’ to consider every possibility and delivers an item that is all of the above - and quite easy to perform as well! This one is a keeper!"
Lee Earle


“Looch has created my favourite version of Bank Night”. Fabulous. This is most definitely something I will use. I’m for The Score!” 
Jon Stetson


"Looch's The Score is a thing of beauty: Simple, clean, surefire and customisable! All of which allows you to focus on your performance and wowing your audience!" 
Eric Dittelman

What’s in the box?

  • 5 x ‘The Score’ cards
  • Set of Multi-coloured envelopes
  • Set of Black envelopes
  • Complete set of YOURS/MINE labels
  • Set of 1-5 numbers to customise the envelopes
  • Detailed eBook showcasing the original handling and alternatives
  • Downloadable video instructions

Edition Size: 100 sets