The Article v.2.0

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The Ultimate LIVE Prediction System!

Welcome to The Article v2, the method I used to fool the Police and a room full of journalists!

The Article is a custom built A4 sized Clipboard that enables you to predict headlines and outcomes of events anywhere in the world.

It was initially designed as a method for publicity stunts but it can also be used live in parlour and stage work. In performance you hand over a sealed padded envelope to someone for safekeeping until its time for your performance. When time, the padded envelope is brought forward and verified that no one has been in contact with it other than the person it was given to. The performer cuts open the very end of the envelope revealing a clipboard inside. The participant themselves reaches inside and grips the clipboard and the envelope is pulled away showing it to be completely empty.

The participant themselves turns the clipboard around showing a sheet of paper clipped in place bearing a 100% accurate prediction! The Article can be used for publicity stunts, headline predictions, confabulation, and climax predictions to your show. It can be performed solo or with the use of an assistant, it’s completely up to you!

AGT finalist Oz Pearlman has used The Article numerous times on live TV. He first fooled the audience of the Rachel Ray show before using it again a few months later on a live segment he did on ESPN. More recently a Scandinavian speaker used it to conclude his TEDx talk in the US.

You will receive your custom built A4 Clipboard and gimmicks, a eBook detailing the history and original method used to fool the police as well as access to 2 x 45 min HD videos, professionally filmed discussing the method, instructions, loads, reveals and much more. The Article is the method of choice for many professional performers all over the world. Now is your chance to join them!

Only once in YEARS do you witness a release to the mentalism community that absolutely blows you away and exceeds all expectations. Looch’s Article sets the bar for the most fooling and practical system for predictions! This utility device goes way beyond headline predictions and also gives you the ability to devastate with a squeaky clean Confab routine. Also, the ideas he presents and deep thought involved in his teaching are top notch. I was beyond impressed by this product and give it my highest recommendation.

Oz Pearlman - AGT Finalist