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This is a limited edition release of just 150 units - Now Shipping For the first time ever, Looch is releasing one of his professional stand up routines, complete with bespoke...

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This is a limited edition release of just 150 units - Now Shipping

For the first time ever, Looch is releasing one of his professional stand up routines, complete with bespoke props & a LIVE performance.

The Line Up is a 15 minute stage / parlour routine which is packed full of audience participation, laughter and moments of astonishment. It has been Looch's longest standing stand up routine and is guaranteed to amaze & delight your audiences in equal measure.

“What a fantastic routine! You’ve combined two classic effects into a multi-phase, multi-reveal, stage filling, audience pleasing stunner! This will slot perfectly into any professional’s act!” - Marc Paul

Each prop has been expertly designed in house over years of experimentation to be as natural and unassuming as possible. Yet when you learn the secret you can achieve maximum applause cues with only minimal input by the performer. This literally is the definition of SAD (Simple & Direct) Mentalism which Looch is well known for.

“I was waiting for this release from years! This is a fantastic stage mentalism act that plays massive! Mind reading, psychometry, predictions, all packed in a professional sets which is a joy to use! I predict that this will go straight in the repertoire of many performers!” - Luca Volpe

Combining several of mentalism's classics, Looch has created a hybrid effect that can easily be customised for your client and event. This is a real crowd pleaser that is perfect for those mentalists who work the corporate / private / wedding markets. The Line Up is a fusion of mentalism classics such as Sneak Thief (Larry Becker) Chair Test (Various) and a Customised Prediction finale.

4 participants are brought on stage and are asked to secretly choose a marker pen and hide it upon their person (No force) They are then asked a series of 50/50 questions and based upon their answers the performer asks them to either stand behind a numbered disc that has been laying on the floor, or to sit in a specific numbered chair.

Once all 4 participants are in position, they are handed a dry erase panel and are instructed to produce a drawing / write a funny word / an interesting fact / embarrassing memory (Whatever you want) onto their dry erase panel and to hand them down the line up to the participant on the end. The panels are thoroughly mixed by this person and handed information side down to the performer.

Working with the audience the performer is able to discern who produced which piece of information and the final piece is replicated sight unseen with 100% accuracy. As everyone thinks the demonstration is finished the performer is then ready to unleash a series of predictions that not only prove the performer knew in advance the various outcomes, but also a completely customisable prediction finale that will shock your audience and leave a lasting impression.

“I love chair predictions and they are a feature item in my professional stage shows. ‘The Line Up’ is a great addition to routines of this genre; it packs really flat, plays really big, is visual, involves multiple spectators and has multiple moments of amazement. It also allows for lots of fun byplay, as each performance of it will be different for you, keeping it fresh to perform. What I love best of all, in typical Looch fashion - it’s all low tech, classic methods that won’t fail you. Highly recommend.” - Nique Tan

Looch has performed this killer piece of mentalism for over 15 years and guarantees your audiences minds will be truly blown and amazed.

The Line Up kit includes

  • 4 x Bespoke Dry Erase Pockets 
  • Special Gimmicked Pen Box
  • 4 x Artline 5100A Big Nib Dry Erase Markers (Worlds thickest and most visible dry erase marker)
  • 4 Numbered Discs (with coloured predictions on the backs)
  • Large zippered pouch (to hold your props)
  • Online Instructional video
  • LIVE Performance video
  • Access the our Facebook owners group

 Further information about The Line Up

Please note the dry erase panels have been custom created for Read My Mind Ltd so that the ink does not accidentally wipe off or smudge during your performance. You can perform this piece with 100% confidence that nothing will be accidentally removed or get any ink on your hands.

The marker pens are readily available from stores worldwide (Inc Amazon) so will be easily replaceable in the future. A series of refill inks are also available for the range to ensure your pens remain topped up with ink going forward.

The dry erase pockets are also specially marked using an incredible optical marking system designed by Looch & Phill Smith. You can see these marks instantly and from distances circa 10 feet giving you complete control during your performances.

This is a limited edition release of just 150 units.


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